The Things to Consider When You’re Buying New Kitchen Tiles

One specific room in the house that can be incorporated with several different types of tiles is in the kitchen. Adding new tiles in the kitchen means improving it in a way that you never can achieve with other projects.


Before choosing kitchen tiles at Aurees Tiles, determining first where it is going to go is of vital importance. Keep in mind that glossing tiles that are fit for walls will not be the same as flooring tile. Choosing glossy floor kitchen tile could be unsafe under foot; that’s why you must opt for flooring tiles that are incredibly safe to walk on. To help you find the right application and type of tile for your kitchen, we provide a list of practical tips below.


  1. Identify where you plan to install the tiles.


You will need to decide first what kind of surface the tile will be applied before you select a specific material. Tile is beautiful as a backsplash behind a stove or on the wall to the underside of the upper cabinets. Apart from being used on kitchen floors, tiles are also popular as a countertop material.



  1. Understand how different tiles work.


A resilient material that can be expertly laid in rows over a surface is what the word tile refers to significantly. Quarry, stone, cork, vinyl, bamboo, ceramic, porcelain and glass are types of tiles available for kitchen use. The most commonly used in flooring are applications such as vinyl, cork and bamboo tiles. While quarry, ceramic, and porcelain, on the other hand, can be significantly used for counters and floors as well. Lastly, for walls and backsplashes, glass tile is commonly used.


  1. Consider your lifestyle.


Regular upkeep is still necessary, although kitchen tile is exceptionally resilient. Also, in terms of longevity, each material differs. For countertops, a durable material that is capable of holding up the heat coming from pans and is effortless to clean and maintain is the ceramic tiles. However, the surface of ceramic tiles can be uneven and can quickly get cracked or chip. Thus, before you choose a tile, determine first if it can match your family’s lifestyle.


  1. Understand your family’s habits in the kitchen.


Apart from being durable enough to withstand heavy traffics and pets, it is essential as well to choose kitchen tiles at Aurees Tiles which is effortless to clean as food spillage is something you expect a lot in the area. Make sure that you buy a floor tile that is indeed called ‘floor tile’. If you choose a wall tile for your floors, the coefficient of friction is low; translating to accidents as floors become way too slippery for walking. So, be sure you also consider that factor.