Valuable Repair Tips for Ducted Heating

Don’t get caught shivering in the chill of an unheated room this winter. If your ducted heating system is needing repairs, it is time to do something about it.


To start with, check these points below.

  • air filters
  • thermostat
  • circuit breaker and power supply units
  • draughts near the pilot light


If these parts above check out OK, consider the following tips on:

  • new furnace
  • maintenance technicians


Replace air filters

Clogged filters can cause a multitude of complications in your ducted heater. When you buy AirwareSales Bonaire ducted heating system, you will be reminded to clean and replace the filter at least once a month. A repair expert will guide you on how to proceed.

Inspect the thermostat

If you convinced that your ducted heater is not producing enough heat, we recommend that you check the battery of the thermostat. Battery replacement will vary from model to model.

Adjust the thermostat settings to engage the fan. If the setting is low, medium, or high, your fan will not stop operating, better to set the switch to automatic mode.

When the heating capacity of the appliance seems to be low, check the thermostat to confirm that it is in “heating” mode. The temperature reading should be slightly higher than the current temperature of the room.

Inspect circuit breaker and power supply units

There are times when your machine may suddenly quit working. When this problem occurs, check if the safety switch is tripped or a fuse has blown. Check the power supply also, and make sure to connect the cord correctly to the socket.

Reduce drafts

If a draft is a hazard to your pilot light, the best solution is to seal openings such as doors and windows to limit excessive drafts into your room. Finally, think of calling an expert when you encounter malfunctions of pressure regulation.

When all the above solutions do not work, the best option is to buy a new unit. When making your purchase, make sure the thermostat specifications can meet your heating requirements along with the tips below on:

Installing the new furnace

Once you’ve decided to do away with the old appliance, hire a professional to guide you to the best equipment for your living or working space. Schedule regular inspection and maintenance servicing around the summer or fall so you can prepare for the cold snap of the winter.

Scheduling periodic furnace maintenance and servicing

Ignition and mechanical problems must be left to professionals because of their delicate nature. Experts in this field have a lot of knowledge and training on how to handle heating and cooling systems. Consult experts only as any unresolved problems may pose safety and health problems for the inhabitants of your home.

For more tips, be sure to check out the recommendations on the website of AirwareSales Bonaire ducted heating.